Everything About Serrapeptase!!

Serra.pngThe importance of Serrapeptase was discovered in the early 1970’s by Dr. Hans Napier, a research scientist. This enzyme is isolated from the intestinal bacteria in silkworms. From the very beginning it was noted that this enzyme has strong, healthful properties because it has the unique ability to digest non-living tissue in the human body. In a span of forty-five years, Serrapeptase has become popular throughout Europe and Asia for its wide variety of clinical applications. Visit Serrapeptase.org for more information.

Serrapeptase has a powerful action that enables silkworms to eat through their own protective cocoon and fly away. In humans, this enzyme digests non-living tissue without harm and dissolves the toxic plaque in arteries. This allow physicians to recommend Serrapeptase for removing arterial plaque and blood clots thus preventing heart attack and stroke.

This amazing enzyme removes scar tissue, cysts, and inflammation. It has also been helpful in shrinking and diminishing varicose veins. There are many testimonials throughout the internet about the attributes of Serrapeptase. Although Europe and Asia have used this enzyme as a prescribed medicine for many years, it is classified as a supplement in the United States. If you have health issues, check with your physicians to see if Serrapeptase will improve your condition. Don’t forget to check out FB Serrpeptase page.